Mobile Real Estate Websites for smartphones, iPad and other tablets

RealBird Mobile Real Estate Websites

Create your private labeled mobile real estate website automatically populated with your RealBird listings, property search and blog posts.

RealBird Mobile Real Estate Website

Mobile real estate websites for smartphones, the iPad and other tablets

With home buyers spending increasing amount of time online using their smartphones and tablets, you have to provide mobile optimized real estate information for them. With the RealBird Mobile Real Estate Website, you can have a mobile presence in minutes, ready to showcase your featured listings, blog posts, and mobile property search.

Main features

  • Optimized for smartphones and tablets including future devices with HTML5 and CSS3 support
  • Shows all of your RealBird listings automatically, including your active, pending and sold listings
  • Provide access to thousands of listings with the private labeled RealBird Mobile Property Search
  • Choose your own vanity city domain name or any other subdomain name for easy access and branding
  • Built-in inquiry tool for your visitors to schedule a showing and request more information for any properties: your own featured listings or a listing through the property search
  • QR code for your mobile website is included in your service
  • Dedicated SMS keyword is also included so consumers with no QR app on their phone can easily access your site via text messaging
  • Fully branded for you with your photo, contact information and links to your website, blog and social network profiles
  • Your prospects can call you by simply tapping on your phone number on any of the screens
  • Your recent blog posts are automatically displayed under the "Real Estate News" section
  • Add your mobile website to your Facebook Real Estate Page or your main website with the embed code provided. Your website works in desktop browsers too !
Mobile Real Estate Website With QR ans SMS Code

City domain name

You can reserve your own city domain name for your RealBird Mobile Website and use it in print advertising to extend your marketing and to provide easy mobile access for your clients.

QR and SMS codes

The mobile site comes with its own QR code and after you configured your RealBird Text Messaging platform a dedicated SMS code - "M" - is also assigned to your mobile real estate website.

1000s of sites have been already created

Sign up to RealBird PRO and create your mobile real estate website in minutes.

Phones and tablets

Supported mobile devices by the RealBird Mobile Real Estate Websites


Only $15/month for unlimited listings
With an annual subscription. Or only $30/month with month-to-month.

The RealBird service is available to real estate agents, brokers and property managers in the USA, Canada.


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Elva Branson-Lee, Solid Source Realty GA Lake City, GA
"Before I invested in RealBird, I was only generating leads to handle as a single listing agent. Once I joined Realbird Pro, my lead count increased dramatically and so did my need to build a team of buyers agents to service all the new prospects."

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